In Conversation with Tonia Buxton from The Real Greek

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We're incredibly excited to announce our collaboration with the household brand The Real Greek. Recently we began to supply them with our plant-based Beaf so they could create amazing, traditional Greek dishes, but plant-based.

Celebrity Chef, foodie and consultant, Tonia Buxton has designed much of the Real Greek's incredible new vegan offering (and beyond) so we thought we'd ask her some pressing questions; about all things Greek and plant-based!

So Tonia, what do you think is the reason behind the rapid growth of veganism of the past few years?
I feel that it is multi layered, people are understanding that they need take responsibility for their health by being more plant based & I also think that people are repelling industrial farming. What is also helping is that there is so much more choice now, especially at the Real Greek where we have made it a priority.

Is there a history of vegan/plant-based food in Greece?
There is an ancient history of veganism in Greece, it is thought that Pythagoras was the first recorded vegan, also after that there is a long tradition of vegan fasting via the Christian Orthodox Church which include 6 weeks before Christmas, 6 weeks before Easter, 2 weeks in August to name a few.

Do you think vegan and plant-based have different connotations? Yes I do.

Tell us about the dishes on your menu that use our Green Meats products?
We have two delicious dishes on our menu, one is souzoukakia which are sumptuous, kofta shaped and served in a tomato sauced with cumin that has such a depth of flavour you will be coming back again & again to try them.
The other is in our souvlaki wraps served in our gorgeous flatbread with chips, fresh tomatoes, red onion & sweet paprika all inside our tradition flatbread.

What do you see the future of food looking like?
I see that a lot of people will be more plant based & vegan leaning, I love things like Veganuary & meat free Monday’s as it forces people to put more thought into what they are eating.

What's your favourite vegan dish of all time?
Oh my that is such a hard question, as it changes seasonally but I think at the moment it is definitely my tomato kefthedes 

What's next for The Real Greek and their vegan menu?
We are always evolving our vegan menu, adding new dishes & evolving it according to what our customers want.

Make sure you go and try the brand new #Veganuary menu at one of the 16 Real Greek locations!